Sunday, December 03, 2006

wicked wind!

This past Friday, after a lot of the country got snow, we got that same storm system in the form of drenching rains for first half of day, rapidly dropping temps (71 degrees F at 8am and 29 degrees F by bedtime) and high wind warnings.

Well, for those of you that don't know my husband, he loves to tease and BS about things. Anyway, late Friday afternoon, he was outside making sure everything that could possibly be secured down, was. He rushed back inside and yelled that Morgan's trampoline had just flown away. I, of course, stood my ground and said that I was not falling for it. But he started yelling about how we needed to go catch it, and rushed back outside.

Imagine our surprise when he was completely serious! is where the trampoline normally sits:

And here is where we found it:

Here are some limbs that didn't fare well:

So after retrieving it, Lee decided that he'd better weight down the legs with cinder blocks!:

Now that's wicked wind!!!

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Karen said...

We had high winds here that day too. Morgan is a lucky girl to have that trampoline.