Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a quilt for an old friend...

Please allow me to introduce you to Bertram Bear. Isn't he charming!

He was a gift to my daughter several years back at Christmas time from an aunt and uncle. He's a bear from Christmas Around the World. He even talks thanks to a small recording chip...he'll playback your message whenever you press his hand.

Well, way back I promised Mr. Betram that I would make him his very own quilt sometime, but unfortunately I had never gotten around to it.

On Saturday, dear hubby went with some model railroad buddies to Horseshoe Curve in PA. So...needing a quilty fix and contemplating what to make, I remembered Bertram and the idea I've had stored away in my brain for his quilt.

The general idea came from an article in Miniature Quilt Ideas Magazine #30 regarding an antique chinese coins quilt for an 1800's doll bed.

I expanded on the chinese coin idea and created a strippy-quilt for Bertram with old-fashioned scrappy charm. It measures 10-1/2" by 13-1/2".

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floribunda said...

Dana, thanks for finding my blog, and now I've found yours! I'm a big fan of miniature quilts, so of course I love Bertram's new one.

Also love LGD purses... have made 2 Towne Purses and 1 Gracie so far -- but I have several others on my list as holiday gifts this year.