Saturday, October 07, 2006

successful Asian fabric hunt

This weekend, my hubby's model railroad club is having a show at our mall. My daughter and I went out this evening to eat dinner with him and hang out for a bit.

After we ate, I walked down to Joann Fabrics to check for good cloak fabric for dh's Jedi costume and to search out Asian fabrics. Mission successful! Found some possible cloak fabrics, and will make a purchase after dh's approval (I have a 50% off coupon good through Monday!!!!) Anyway...back to the important stuff...heehee!...I managed to find some Asian fabrics, and they were all on sale for $1 less per yard. Cool thing about the Omiyage projects, they take such small amounts of fabric, so I was able to buy pretty much every Asian themed fabric I found. (A pitiful selection to be honest. But, since I had none in my stash, it's a good start.) The ones I liked best I got quarter yards, the others I got as eighth yards.

It's hard to tell in the photos, but most have gold highlights. They are sooooo rich looking. I think by carefully combining with current stash fabrics, any further Omiyage projects should look much more authentic.

I couldn't resist posting the second picture. That's our youngest furbaby, Skye, in the lower right corner checking out mama's new stuff. She approved :)

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