Monday, January 08, 2007

finding my groove again...

Hello! I'm still here....really, I am.

I guess that break was just a little too enjoyable, because I'm finding it hard to get back into the groove. I've been reading the same thing from some other bloggers, too, so at least I'm not alone in my post-holiday laziness!

Our Christmas was so wonderful. I hope all of you reading this had a wonderful one, as well. I found myself enjoying it more after it was over though. Not in a bad way. What I mean is that I just felt so pressed for time and so busy in the days before, that after it was over and the dust had settled, that's when I had time to relax and enjoy the tree, and the bits of Christmas beauty all around me. So much in fact, that we just took down the all the decorations and the tree yesterday...January 7th! We've never left the tree up that long. In fact, I'm usually tired of it and want it down on the 26th. different for me this year.

I love this picture of Morgan. The joy and excitement on her face! She had just started to open a gift from her Grandma and Papaw that she had been really, really, really wanting. I'm so glad Lee was able to capture that moment!


As some of you know, I'm a massage therapist, but haven't really been too active in many moons. This past Friday and Saturday I worked at a resort spa. It's mostly an on-call situation at the moment, so they don't even know when they'll need me again. Boy was I sore yesterday!! As you can imagine, bodywork is physically demanding...and let's just say that I'm not in the greatest shape lately!! That needs to change!


Stay tuned...I have some things to show soon...

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Karen said...

What a cutie pie. Share your projects soon, please!