Saturday, January 20, 2007

On the mend...

First of all...thank you for the well-wishes!

My back is not the greatest yet, but it is healing and feeling much better...considering the pain I was in at this time last week. I can move now without wanting to scream. Still using the heating pad, still taking the Flexeril (at night only now). Continuing with the chiropractic, too. No more Percocet needed, thank God. It's good if the pain is unbearable, but it makes me so space-y and "out of it", and I really hate that feeling.

Then yesterday, I had another migraine complete with vomiting. Fun fun.

Yesterday, we also had something happen that set our tiny corner of the world on end, but I don't feel like going into it right now...maybe never. (I always struggle with how personal I should get here in blogland.) promised, I still have several projects to share, and they are coming soon. Please bear with me!

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Karen said...

Oh No, I truly hope everything is alright.