Tuesday, January 23, 2007

that #@^$ white stuff

We got some of that horrid white stuff on Sunday...and someone had lots of fun!

Being that I hate snow...and I certainly didn't want to get out in it, or take a chance on slipping and hurting my back again...I chose to take these photos from the safety of my living room window!!!

Lee built a fire, and they stayed warm in between sled rides. Of course, Morgan came to the door to get the obligatory marshmallows for roasting. And faithful Ben kept them company. They had a great father-daughter afternoon.


Suzie Sews said...

My son is full of envy for all your snow, we had a splattering today and we had to walk to school just to make the most of it.
Suzie Sews

Deb said...

Dana, thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like we share a lot of the same interests!

Karen said...

Tell Morgan I went sledding with her daddy once and it was fun! I wish we had that snow here!!

Debbie said...

What gorgeous photos of the snow! Looks like your little one is having so much fun!