Monday, November 06, 2006

she's such a doll....NOT!!!

Wanted to switch gears a little and do something I've never done before...make a doll. There are some adorable dolls out there, and this one on angry chicken's blog caught my eye. (I've never been fond of raggedy ann, but this one is really cute.) So I found this free doll body pattern, and got to work on her last night.

I was hoping that she would come out well enough that we could include her in the shoe box for our Operation Christmas Child package.

Unfortunately, she's frightening! I mean she's really bad!!! Lee said we'll be lucky if she doesn't come back to haunt us when I discard her! I made several mistakes on this poor doll, and she's deformed in more ways than one. I didn't even bother to stuff her. I have to say, though, that I sure learned a lot from making her.

To spare you, I will not post a picture. I don't want to be personally responsible for causing anyone nightmares! Instead I'll post pics of two things that are cute.

This is Ben, our golden retriever. He's about 7 years old. (He was still growing back his fur from his summer haircut in this pic.)

And this is Skye, half pomeranian/half beagle. She's almost 8 months old.

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